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Meet Tui and Maile Letuli, your friendly Ambassadors of Aloha! They're the heart and soul behind Pearl of Polynesia and Shelfmaking Publishing, sharing a sprinkle of love and a whole lot of Aloha Spirit through their enchanting music, the strumming of ukuleles, joyful dance, and the warm embrace of friendship. They’re also the creative minds behind the inspiring book "How to Live Aloha."

It all began 38 years ago in a quaint beachside café. Tui was the guy with the guitar, and Maile, the girl who danced to his tune. Little did they know, this was just the beginning of their worldwide journey, spreading the Aloha as they went.

Tui, a proud son of American Samoa with Hawaiian and Samoan roots, is a – a singer, songwriter, musician, and even a stuntman, with a deep-seated love for the islands he calls home. His lineage is as rich as the stories he tells, with a father renowned for adding fire to the traditional Fire Knife dance Paramount Chief Olo Misilagi Letuli  and a grandfather Alfred McIntire  who along with his Uncle Lani McIntire was a pioneer of Hawaiian music. Whether he's working with Disney, sailing with Princess Cruises, or penning his Dreambuilder book, Tui's life is a tapestry of artistic endeavors.

Maile’s heritage is a vibrant blend of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Filipino cultures. Raised in the sunny state of California, she grew up with the rhythms of the islands pulsing through her veins. Summers in Hawai’i and a life woven with hula from the tender age of four, she’s danced her way from the family flower shop to stages across the world. Today, she shares her legacy with the world, not forgetting her cousin, the actor Branscombe Richmond, and her ties to the Merrie Monarch  and Na Hoku Hanohano award winners.

Together, Tui and Maile breathe life into the Pearl of Polynesia, an endeavor born from a heartfelt return to American Samoa in 2017. Before this, they poured their talent into the Southern California community, nurturing the arts and the fiery spirit of Polynesian youth through their Weekend In Polynesia competitions and cultural programs.

Their support beams proudly through their son's success, touring with Grammy-nominated artist Josh Tatofi and launching his hit single “Kanikapila.” and 2 beautiful daughters, (now mommies) who have traveled the world Polynesian Dancing.

With over three decades of dedicated service in ministry, Tui and Maile have been pillars of faith at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach. Their roles as Minichurch Shepherds saw them leading a multitude of classes, from Shepherding Workshops to Love and Respect Marriage courses, along with a diverse array of Bible Studies. Presently, their passion project is the Heart to Heart ministry, a global endeavor to spread the spirit of Aloha.

As seasoned globetrotters, entertainers, ministry leaders, public speakers, authors, and financial fitness consultants, Tui and Maile have embraced their homes in American Samoa, Maui, and California with open hearts. Their life's work is a quest to sow seeds of peace and joy, foster deep connections, and impart the authentic spirit of Aloha to every corner of the globe.


Po’okela  (Excellence)

Ahuwale ka po’okela i kau hana ia ha’i
“It is through the way you serve others that your greatness will be felt.