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Aloha dear Maile, aloha dear Tui,
your words made some tears appear in my eyes.
Talking about your way to get into people, I felt so honored and blessed to have both of you as teachers and as friends afterwards, it was easy, you are such lovely folks!!
I send to you my best greetings for your new adverture on the sea, being a sailor (I am a Chief of Italian Navy) I know what "living on the water" means, it's quite a sacrifice, far away from your family, not able to do anything if something happens.... but it is a life full of satisfactions, good moods and happiness, especially in that environment where you have contacts with a lot of different people, and everybody want just to have fun :))
Thank you so much for your friendship, if we will not meet on board, we will meet for sure somewhere else (maybe over the rainbow :), we have to cherish our time, and spend it as best as we can.
I took a look at your nice website, and I was very and pleasently surprised that you put my youtube video on it. I am very honored and lucky to have it there, thank you so much for including it in your space, i hope that a lot of people could come and visit your website.
I have to say that i am very emotionally involved with ukulele. Even my wife is trying to learn it, I am mastering now IZ version of "Over the rainbow".... it's amazing!!
I do think that i will never stop to thank you because of the ukulele lessons. I have download a bunch of video lessons where they go deeper into the instrument, scales, chords, and so on. Maybe next time we will meet we could play together at YOUR lever ;)
God bless you both of you and A hui hou- Ciao ciao 

Aloha Tui and Maile
How are you? How's the family? How was Tui's cruise with your beautiful daughter? Maile must be very excited about retiring in a few months. We truly miss you both. Meeting you on our Hawaii/Tahiti cruise was truly a blessing and definitely the highlight of our cruise. Watching your performances, attending your hula class, feeling your sincerity and love for all people, having dinner together and the many chats we would have in the buffet area and corridors were all memorable moments of our holiday. We would like to thank you both for helping me reconnect with my Samoan heritage and for igniting the passion in Jane with her Polynesian culture.Hope you and your family are all healthy and well, and we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

Love from Laurence, Virginia & Jane

Sydney, Australia

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